Scott, Nexus, and Jett 

Scott Lee
OSSA Type II Certified Searcher

   Scott has been doing search and rescue for 16 years and has been involved in hundreds of missions including the OSO Washington Mudslides. When Scott isn’t doing SAR he works as a Arborist for a local tree service. He and his wife are currently puppy dog raisers for the Guide Dogs for the blind and have been involved with Guide Dogs for over 15 years. There is never a day that a Labrador is not in Scott's house. Scott’s past canine partner Lopez is credited for several finds but most notably locating a missing medically endangered adult male in Washington county in 2012. All of Scott's canine partners are career change canines from the Guide Dog program. 

K9 Nexus
Certified Human Remains Detection
AKC Canine Good Citizen

  Nexus is a Labrador that came to Scott after spending time training in the Guide dog program. Having too much energy for a guide, Nexus converted easily to a search and rescue partner. Nexus has certified multiple times in Human Remains Detection and has had multiple confirmed finds. He has worked criminal cases as well as lost persons. When Nexus isn’t working he donates blood to the canine blood bank for Dove Lewis Emergency Clinic and enjoys lounging in a mud puddle.

K9 Jett
Training for Human Remains Detection
Training for Wilderness Air Scent
AKC Canine Good Citizen 

   Jett is a Labrador that successfully passed the test for the Guide Dog program. Then an unfortunate jump landed him in Scott’s lap to be his next canine partner. Jett is full of energy and can’t help himself when it comes to being overjoyed to help people. Jett is being trained for Human Remains Detection and Wilderness Air Scent. When Jett isn’t training he enjoys playing with the newest puppy in the Lee household and showing them the rules of the house. 


Tom and Thor 

Tom Harper
OSSA Type II Certified Searcher

  Tom, who works for Intel, got his start with a German Shepherd puppy named Mica back in 2005. Tom has been on hundreds of missions including supporting teams at the OSO Mudslide in 2014. Tom was awarded the Portland Police Bureau’s Life Saving Award in 2017 for his participation in the life saving efforts and locating of the missing 2 year old toddler River. When Tom isn’t working and traveling for Intel he enjoys activities with his wife Kathy and also participating in Military reenactments from the Civil War. Tom’s last canine partner Mica was certified in Urban Tracking and Trailing and worked with Tom for 13 years with several confirmed trails.

K9 Thor
Certified Urban Tracking and Trailing

   Thor hails from Texas, earned his Urban Tracking and Trailing certification in 2019, and is well on his way to becoming a great working partner for Tom. When Thor isn’t training he enjoys walks through the neighborhood and time at the beach. 




MacKenzie and Jenga

MacKenzie Deragon
OSSA Type II Certified Searcher

MacKenzie has been involved with Search and Rescue since 2017. She started out as a K9 Support team member and brought her puppy home after achieving her Type II OSSA Certification. Jenga is her first SAR K9. MacKenzie enjoys supporting the K9s on missions in all 3 disciplines and watching the dogs work at training. Outside of SAR MacKenzie is a Graphic Designer. She is currently working with AirFlare - a SAR app which acts as a rescue beacon for your phone. She also enjoys hiking, climbing and exploring the PNW with her dogs.

K9 Jenga
Training in Wilderness Air Scent

Jenga is a German Shepherd Dog, she is in training as a Wilderness Air Scent K9. She started her training July of 2018 and is on track to certify this summer. Jenga loves her job and is always excited and ready to work! When Jenga isn’t training she enjoys hiking, the coast, playing in her backyard and long walks around the neighborhood.

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