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2010 Missions

Mission 106 - 2 Lost snowboarders, Clackamas County

10-106  12-29-10 ClCSO, 2 lost snowboarders followed by snowmobile training

Mission 105 - Kidnapped 14 year old girl, Clackamas County

10-105  Mountain Wave activated by the CCSO to cell track at 14 year old females cell phone.  Subject called parents stating she had been kidnapped.  Subject was located at grandparents house.

Mission 104 - Multnomah County

10-104  12.19.10 by MCSO, Skyline, mission canceled.

Mission 103 - Training Mission, Multnomah County

10-103  12.18.10 by MCSO, Training mission, Multnomah Falls.

Mission 102 - Missing 23 Year Old and Friend, Clackamas Co.

10-102  12.13.10 by CCSO, request for cell tracking a 23 year old male & friend in Molalla.

Mission 101 - Missing 7 Year Old, Multnomah County

10-101  12.11.10 by MCSO, request for help finding a missing 7 year old male.

Mission 100 - Missing Hunter and 8 year old, Wasco County

10-100  11.20.10 by WASCO cell tracking missing hunter and his 8 yr old grandson.

Mission 99 - Missing 84 year old, Clackamas County

10-099  11.18.10 Cell tracking for a missing 84 Y/O male didn't come home after going to a music store.

Mission 98 - Missing hunter, Clackamas County

10-098  11.6.10@18:40 by CCSO for missing hunter in the upper Clackamas River. The hunter was found when a group of PNW members were traveling to SAR base, also it was a very wet and dark night.

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