K9 Lopez

Lopez Water Training
NAME:   Lopez
HANDLER: Scott Lee
DATES:   2005 - 2013
Area Search, Human Remains Detection,
Water Recovery
Lopez retired in 2013 and is
currently enjoying life.
BIO: Lopez had a “career change” from Guide Dogs for the Blind in 2004.
When he became a certified therapy dog before beginning his SAR career. 
He held State certifications in Area search, Water Recovery and Human Remains Detection..
Lopez was a canine blood donor and donated 39 units before retiring
as a certified therapy dog.
In 2010 Lopez with Handler Scott Lee had a "live find" during a search operation
in rural Washington County.
Scott Lee and Lopez

K9 Relic

Victoria has spent the majority of her life doing volunteer work including her teen years as an assistant coach for Southern Oregon Special Olympics, and summers volunteering at Camp Easter Seal. More recently, she spent several years volunteering at her local Humane Society and a breed specific dog rescue organization. Family tragedy molded Victoria into a person who needed to live a life dedicated to helping others. Search and Rescue is the perfect fit for her. It is a rewarding way for her to give back to her community and honor her family.

She has spent the past 8 years as a SAR K9 handler, and has had 2 canine partners in Wilderness Area Search, and more recently in Human Remains Detection. Victoria is married and has two teenage children. She spends much of her free time exploring the wilderness with her family and dogs, attending various school events with her kids, or just relaxing at her rural home in the garden with her ducks and chickens.

Relic, “Self’s Soul Seeker” is a 3 year old American Pit Bull Terrier trained in Human Remains Detection. Relic is a dog with a whole lot of personality. She can frequently be found up on top of just about anything she can find to climb including Victoria’s car. Victoria frequently warns people that this dog can’t control her ‘licker’, but you should also watch out for that wagging tail it will get you every time!