Scott and Nexus

Scott Lee has been involved with Search & Rescue since 2004.  Scott has extensive international wilderness experience through hiking and wilderness treks. When not doing SAR related activities he works as a certified arborist for a local tree care company and is a graduate of Oregon State University.  Scott & K9 "Nexus"  became a team in 2010 when Nexus had a “career change” from Guide dogs for the Blind.  Nexus' relentless energy and high drive makes him well suited for a search & rescue career. Both Scott & Nexus responded to the 530 slide in Oso, WA.
Nexus is certified in Human Remains Detection and expands his community service as a canine blood donor.

Retired K9 Lopez:

Lopez had a “career change” from Guide Dogs for the Blind in 2004 when he became a certified therapy dog. In 2006 he started training in Search and Rescue and quickly became State certified in Wilderness Area Search. In 2007 Lopez became one of a handful of K9's in the state to hold a Water Recovery certificate and quickly became an asset on the water to various Sheriff departments through out Oregon. He is credited with locating 4 separate individuals that had drowned in local rivers. 

In 2008 Lopez became certified in Human Remains Detection.

His crowning jewel occurred in 2010 when he located a missing endangered man lost in the wilderness of Washington County. . Lopez was a canine blood donor and donated 39 units before retiring from search and rescue in 2013