Jessica and Lumi

Jessica Lara has been a certified type 2 responder with Mountain Wave since June 2014. Raised in the Pacific Northwest she has always been an outdoorsy type. Her love for dogs is contributed to her Grandpa’s involvement in the SAR community. As young as elementary school she would hide from her Grandpa’s SAR dogs on practice searches. She learned to trust in the amazing abilities of dogs at a young age. Outside of SAR Jess is a full time nanny, part time dog trainer, and hula hoop maker. She loves to hike, camp, bike, hula hoop, play with her dogs, drink tea, and read. Currently she is training 13 month old Lapponian Herder, Luminous, to be a trailing search dog. Luminous has a strong desire to work and please, originally bred to herd and guard reindeer she is enthusiastic learning the ways of a search dog . She loves to play, practice obedience, bike, snuggle, make monkey noises, and give kisses to everyone she meets. Jess and Lumi are enjoying the process of training Lumi to the high standard set forth by Mountain Wave.