Becky, Clara and Ava

Becky Irving is currently the Canine Training coordinator for Mountain Wave Search and Rescue, and the Past President, and now on the Board of Directors for the Pacific Rim Bloodhound Club. She also has been employed as a Certified Veterinary Technician for over 25 years at VCA Rock Creek Animal Hospital and was named VCA Hospitals Regional Hero of the year for 2014. She got her start in Search and Rescue in 1989 when a sick little puppy came into her work with Parvovirus. Being a pup that resembled a dog she grew up with she opted to take over his treatment and once recovered started training him for search and rescue. Since then she has trained 8 canines and certified 6 canines in the disciplines of trailing, airscent and HRD and currently works a Bloodhound in Urban trailing and a German Shepherd in Airscent and HRD. In 1995 she responded to Oklahoma City with her K9 “Quigley” to aid in the recovery effort of the Federal Murial Building and then again in 2014 she responded to Oso Washington to assist in the recovery of victims of the 530 slide with K9 “Ava”. In her free time she enjoys sports and Marching band activities with her 2 kids age 18 and 12, camping and hiking. She also shows her Bloodhounds in conformation shows and has obtained Championship titles.

K9 “Clara”

Clara, GCH. Jo-Li’s Searching For Oz, MTI is a 3 year old Bloodhound. She is an Urban Trailing dog and enjoys the challenging environments that the city has to offer. She is a quirky, yet stubborn girl who has to do things her way. Unlike her Uncle Brodie, Clara has a methodical approach to every trail and doesn’t leave anything without investigation. She loves to work and can be heard digging in her crate in the truck in anticipation of the search at hand.

K9 “Ava”

Ava is a 6year old German Shepherd. She is certified in Wilderness Area Search and Human Remains Detection. Lovingly called the “crack dog”, Ava is a sweet girl who works effortlessly and remains on task for as long as you ask her too without tiring.

Brian and Schooch

Brian McLaughlin began training with Schooch in September, 2014 for air-scent search.  Schooch is an energetic 7-month old Australian Shepherd that needs a job to be happy.  Brian is a database administrator at George Fox University in Newberg, OR.  Brian competed in disc-dog competition throughout the northwest when his older dog was young, and he's excited to get involved in a more meaningful activity with the pup. Brian enjoys scuba diving, boating, photography, and geocaching.  He's been a volunteer involved with the organization and operation of an extreme adventure race in central Oregon since 2008 and has volunteered as a summer camp counselor at a Quaker church camp every summer since 1987.


Jan Upton has been a Type II Search and Rescue volunteer for five years.   Her training partner, Annie, a yellow Labrador, was doing well until health problems prevented her from continuing.  Jan enjoys providing support for other dog teams and loves map and compass exercises.

Jan also is a volunteer puppy coach for Autism Service Dogs of America and plays cello with the Hillsboro Community Symphony Orchestra.  She serves on the board of Hillsboro Community Youth Choir.  She is married with three grown children.  Bicycling, hiking and gardening are the other loves of her life.

Jessica and Lumi

Jessica Lara has been a certified type 2 responder with Mountain Wave since June 2014. Raised in the Pacific Northwest she has always been an outdoorsy type. Her love for dogs is contributed to her Grandpa’s involvement in the SAR community. As young as elementary school she would hide from her Grandpa’s SAR dogs on practice searches. She learned to trust in the amazing abilities of dogs at a young age. Outside of SAR Jess is a full time nanny, part time dog trainer, and hula hoop maker. She loves to hike, camp, bike, hula hoop, play with her dogs, drink tea, and read. Currently she is training 13 month old Lapponian Herder, Luminous, to be a trailing search dog. Luminous has a strong desire to work and please, originally bred to herd and guard reindeer she is enthusiastic learning the ways of a search dog . She loves to play, practice obedience, bike, snuggle, make monkey noises, and give kisses to everyone she meets. Jess and Lumi are enjoying the process of training Lumi to the high standard set forth by Mountain Wave.

Ray and Leroy

Ray Livingston bio:

Ray Livingston is a state certified air scent K9 handler. Ray has been training and running bird hunting dogs for 15 years. In 2012 soon after acquiring his new Pudelpointer puppy, Ray decided to cross train him for search and rescue as well as waterfowl and upland game bird hunting. The puppy excelled at all the above; training in each discipline proved to enhance the others. 

Ray is an über outdoors enthusiast. He hikes, fishes, hunts and camps all over the Pacific Northwest. Every year he spends two weeks alone in the wilderness in pursuit of game during the archery season. Ray has found search and rescue to be a perfect blend of most of his outdoor passions. The skills of working a dog, wilderness survival, hiking, wilderness navigation, and hunting (though it's catch and release when looking for humans) all come into play in search and rescue; with the added benefit of potentially being able to save someone's life! Ray and search and rescue are a match made in heaven.

K9 Leroy bio:

Whelped on July 6, 2011, Leroy (Stonesthrow's Echos of Erebus) started life as the pick of Stonesthrow Pudelpointer's (Bend, OR) "E" litter. His training for bird hunting started immediately after he came home on Labor Day weekend. Leroy began training for search and rescue fairly soon after as well. The cross training and the breed's natural aptitude for searching (hunting) led to Leroy attaining his state certification for search and rescue (wilderness airscent discipline) in 11 months, just before he was 18 months of age; extraordinarily fast for the discipline.  

During that time Leroy also earned a prize 1 on his NAVHDA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association) natural hunting ability test. A test that measures a young versatile hunting dogs' "natural" ability to use their noses, drive to search for game, willingness to work with their handler, ability to track game by ground scent and willingness to swim. Leroy now three and a half, continues to be active in the bird field and as a search and rescue K9.


Scott and Nexus

Scott Lee has been involved with Search & Rescue since 2004.  Scott has extensive international wilderness experience through hiking and wilderness treks. When not doing SAR related activities he works as a certified arborist for a local tree care company and is a graduate of Oregon State University.  Scott & K9 "Nexus"  became a team in 2010 when Nexus had a “career change” from Guide dogs for the Blind.  Nexus' relentless energy and high drive makes him well suited for a search & rescue career. Both Scott & Nexus responded to the 530 slide in Oso, WA.
Nexus is certified in Human Remains Detection and expands his community service as a canine blood donor.

Retired K9 Lopez:

Lopez had a “career change” from Guide Dogs for the Blind in 2004 when he became a certified therapy dog. In 2006 he started training in Search and Rescue and quickly became State certified in Wilderness Area Search. In 2007 Lopez became one of a handful of K9's in the state to hold a Water Recovery certificate and quickly became an asset on the water to various Sheriff departments through out Oregon. He is credited with locating 4 separate individuals that had drowned in local rivers. 

In 2008 Lopez became certified in Human Remains Detection.

His crowning jewel occurred in 2010 when he located a missing endangered man lost in the wilderness of Washington County. . Lopez was a canine blood donor and donated 39 units before retiring from search and rescue in 2013