NAME: Brodie
DATES: 2005 - 2012
Tracking Trailing
May 28th, 2012, Memorial Day will forever be a day I will never forget.
Part of my heart and soul were taken that day as my hero “Brodie”
(Ch. Nunya Or Ida Rathr B Trakin, MT) lost his battle with cancer and
passed away quietly in my arms. Brodie spent most of his 7 ½ years at
the end of my 30’lead following the trails of those who were lost or endangered.
His love of the trail was only thing that kept him going during his struggle
with the terrible disease. He was named “Hero” of the year in 2011 by the
Oregon Veterinary Medical Association and also was awarded the Meritorious
Service Award by the American Bloodhound Club for his commitment and
service to his community. He held the titles of conformation Champion for
the AKC and Mantrailer for the American Bloodhound Club. He also OSSA
certified in urban trailing in 2009 and 2011. “Brodie” had over 90 missions
in his career that included several walk up finds. He loved his public and
they loved him. He could be heard baying at any given PR event calling in
those that had not yet had the chance to meet him.
On the trail there wasn’t a passer by that didn’t stop to watch him methodically
work out the intersection, and the intensity in his work increased as more
spectators and police car lights appeared. He knew how special he was and
how many were in awe of him. He was an incredible, gentle soul that had
not a mean bone in his body. You will forever be missed my big boy.
You taught me all I ever needed to know about patience and compassion.
You were my “one” and I can only hope that all those that follow can have your
love for the trail. I will forever be your partner. MW114 Becky