With more than 30 years of experience in a dual-track career focusing on public safety, high technology and communications, Russ Gubele began his career as a Paramedic and emergency medical dispatcher. While working as a Paramedic on Mt. Hood, he was involved in several SAR missions, sparking his interest in SAR. Gubele held several management and training positions, as well as working as a Paramedic field training officer for many years. Later, he managed a 911 communications center, and was an advisor and beta tester for the Portland 800 communication system. He organized and instructed EMT, and First Responder classes at Portland Community College, The Portland Bureau of Emergency Communications, and several fire and emergency agencies. He was a state test evaluator for State Paramedic and EMT testing in Oregon. Gubele owned and operated a communications and electronics business in Clackamas, Oregon for several years. He was involved in the development of the Mt. Hood Mountain Locator Unit Program several years ago, and is currently working on a new program using satellite tracking units. For the past few years, he has worked as an IT manager for American Medical Response. Gubele is a co-founder, President, and a Command Officer with Mountain Wave Emergency Communications SAR, a local volunteer SAR group. He also consults on matters of communications and interoperability, He is a volunteer for the Clackamas County Emergency Operations Center, and EMS director for the Oregon Trail Rally. Gubele is a certified Paramedic, SAR worker, communications technician, emergency medical dispatcher, licensed amateur radio operator, ComL, and is certified in several levels of ICS. He also represents Mt. Wave at the Mount Hood SAR Council.